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 NOTE: As of Jan 24th, it looks llike is down. That is where the pictures are hosted. I'll keep an eye on the thread, and if need be I'll use another picture web host.

Again, if I see something really good out there, that is inexpensive I'll pass my findings to you guys. Honestly, these below "really" made me happy and turned my week around.

 To start.. I keeping reading about the great Mora Knives from Sweden, all around utility and bushcraft knife either with stainless steel or carbon steel blades. They retail anywhere from $8.00 to $20.00 (not including shipping, not bad in price). They look almost like fish fillet knifes, but the blade really does not have any bend or "give". They have an ABS handle with rubber grips and ABS sheath (the sheath has a drain hole that water can go out of), . The Mora Clipper knife is shown below.
 I then started to read about how BudK had a Chinese company making clones of these Mora clipper knifes. I talked to many owners that have had either Delta Defender (green color like the actual Mora Clipper knife) or the Wahoo Killer fillet knife (blue color). The owners of these knifes have had them for a few years now, and like the actual Mora knifes.. the quality seems to be copied as well. I even talked to a guy who had one for several months while bushcrafting in another country with no damages to these knifes. I also talked to a guy that is consistently using his when he remodels houses, and the knife is still holding up fine after taken repetitive beatings.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think these knock offs are as good as the original mora knife (and I am going to get one soon). The Mora Knifes have a way better blade... however I was able to buy the green Delta Defender in a "3 pack" for $11.00 including shipping! When I got these, they were hair shaving sharp. The stainless steel is AUS-6 which is a little bit better then 440. I took all three, and slammed the blade full strength into a 2x4, just to see if the handle and blade could maintain itself as other people have told me. All three, was able to go half way thru a 2x4, "without" any folding to the blade or damage to the knife. Awesome!
The blade is 4 inches and the over all length of the knife is about 8 inches. Like the Mora clipper knifes, they are "not" full tang, only half and some people do not like that, but the handle is solid. They do not make the 3 pack any more from BudK. You may be able to get the 3 pack on Amazon / other. The blue Wahoo killer is still available individually. These  knifes are a great fit for small to mid size EDC or BOB. and these clone knife are stainless steel so they hold up in wet environments over time. If your looking for a few cheap but good knifes for your smaller bags or maybe a 2nd knife.. try these.

The real Mora Clipper Knife:

The Delta Defender (Mora Clipper Clone):

The Wahoo Killer Fillet (Mora Clone):

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