Mystery Ranch Streetfighter

Discussion in 'Bags & Packs' started by Heavyduti, Mar 6, 2018.

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    Ok, I needed some bag therapy and found an older model Streetfighter in woodland camo that needed a new home. In fact, the Canadian supplier had a really nice Mystery Ranch sale on some models.

    Haven’t loaded it yet but it looks like it will fit a niche in my bag portfolio.

    The really nice feature is that it has the same adjustable Yoke setup that the ASAP, 3DAP and similar packs have. So far so good!

    The bad thing is the had a promo on Carinthia jackets so I picked up a HIG in grey. Even though the winter is waning it’s still pretty cold some days and this is one very warm jacket that fits like it was made for me. I tried on the ECIG too but I thought it was overkill unless the Ruskies come at us in the Arctic.

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