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    I received today in the mail from eBay the Smith and Wesson M&P Tactical Pen that I ordered. I ordered it to replace the no-name tac pen that I ordered some time earlier. It was okay, but the cap could not be put on the defensive end of the pen to keep it. It just wasnt made that well and didnt work great as a pen.

    This one, the M&P, is much more well made.

    IT has a very nice hand-feel to it. Has heft, but by no means too much. The strike point is definitely heavy duty and should work well in defensive situations. The top of the pen cap provides excellent purchase on the pen itself for a jabbing or hammer motion. This way it doesn't rely on pure grip strength to use it as a kubotan. Doesn't take much to induce pain with it.

    It seems to be very well balanced, and should extended writing easy. It comes with a Schmidt P 900 M ball point cartridge in black installed from the factory. Writing with it is very smooth and fluid. Im waiting for a Rite In The Rain parker style refill to come for it. It stands to reason that a tactical pen should be useful in just about any circumstance.

    The cap slips on to both ends of the pen with a very snug and confident snap. Almost too confident. The first time I took it off I needed to twist and pull with a decent amount of force to expose the pen. Im sure this will become easier with use.

    The clip has a very nice looking Smith and Wesson logo in white on it, making it look rather elegant.

    The top of the cap proudly displays the M&P logo upon it with all the fine detail there.

    The pen is entirely constructed from 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum which has been alloyed with zinc, titanium and a number of other elements to give it strength and rigidity, then hardened through precipitation hardening to bolster its toughness.

    I got this beauty from eBay for around $23 with free shipping.
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