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Boker Magnum Techno Drill Knife Reassembled

Boker Magnum Techno Drill Knife Repair And Review

Recently, while looking for a inexpensive pocket knife to keep in my truck’s EDC bag, I picked up a Boker Magnum Techno Drill pocket knife. The size and weight of this basic pocket knife was just right. It didn’t have any fancy mechanisms or opening assist features. And the anodized blue color of the frame liners is rather cool.

Boker Techno Drill Pocket Knife In Log

It wasn’t until I got the knife home that I realized the frame-lock wasn’t fully engaging the blade. This allowed the blade to close when pressure was applied to the back of the blade. I’m not a fan of cut fingers, so I wasn’t happy about this discovery.

Now, I know I could have sent the knife back to Boker for warranty repairs or a replacement, but part of me wanted to see if I could fix the defective frame-lock on my own. Plus, the price of shipping the knife back was too much compared to the value of the knife. So, I decided to disassemble the knife and attempt to fix the frame-lock myself.

The Repair

The disassembly proved to be easy and straight forward. Using a small torx bit driver, I removed the screws, liner studs for both scales and nylon washers from the knife. The screws for the scales are small and somewhat soft. You need to make sure you have the correct torx bit size or you’ll strip the screws out. I also recommend using a soft desktop mat so the screws and threaded liner studs don’t accidentally roll away.

Boker Magnum Techno Drill Pocket Knife Disassembled

Inspecting the knife after it was disassembled I discovered the machining on the frame-lock and the area where it connects to the blade was very rough. This poor machining was the source of the malfunction, preventing the frame-lock from fully engaging.

Using a medium grit sandpaper, I sanded the contact surfaces of the frame-lock and blade. I didn’t want to remove too much material, because that would cause the frame-lock to be too loose. So, it took about three short sanding sessions and trial fittings before I was satisfied.

Boker Magnum Techno Drill Frame Lock After Sanding
Frame-lock after sanding to remove rough edges.

After wiping the knife components down with a microfiber cloth to remove any sandpaper grit or metal shavings. I applied a few drops of lubricating oil and reassembled the knife. Did I mention how small those screws are? A magnetic torx bit reduces the changes of fat fingering those screws and dropping them on the floor.

Test opening the freshly reassembled knife proved the sanding of the frame-lock was successful. The knife now opened smoothly and the frame-lock fully engaged with a satisfying click sound.

Boker Magnum Techno Drill Knife Reassembled

The Review

According to Boker the Magnum Techno Drill Knife’s general specifications are as follows:

  • Overall length is about 6.5 inches.
  • Blade length is 2.75 inches.
  • Weight is approximately 2.1 ounces.
  • Blade material is 440 steel.
  • Handle material is G10.

In my opinion these are average specs for a small, no frills, pocket knife at this price point. The blue anodizing is a nice touch on Boker’s part, and to be honest, is what prompted me to buy the knife.

At 2.1 ounces the weight really wasn’t a concern for me. I carry a heavier Kershaw Cryo II for my EDC knife, so the Boker Magnum is a lightweight in comparison. The balance of the knife is fairly neutral, as the knife is relatively short.

The G10 scales provide good traction, however there is no gimping for added grip. The handle does provide a relief for your forefinger, which helps your grip and provides a bit of protection if the knife slips.

Boker Magnum Techno Drill Knife Closed

The rear of the handle simulates a full tang and provides a nice slot for attaching a paracord lanyard. The metal seems strong enough, but I wouldn’t recommend using the bottom of the knife for striking anything. The risk of damaging the knife is too high. Plus, you’d scratch that beautiful blue anodizing.

The pocket clip was a pleasant surprise. It carries fairly deep and has the right amount of tension. However, the pocket clip location cannot be changed. So, you’re stuck with tip-down carry.

Boker Magnum Techno Drill Knife Pocket Clip

Overall, I’m fairly satisfied with this knife. It meets my expectations for a low cost knife and I like its appearance. The anodized blue liners give the knife a custom look. And the deep carry pocket clip was unexpected.

Obviously, having to repair the knife right out of the box is not acceptable. But, that was my choice. I could easily have sent the knife to Boker for warranty repair or replacement. Besides, I expect the attention to detail on a low cost knife to be significantly less than a more expensive model.

Boker Techno Drill Pocket Knife on Rusty Bucket

What’s Your Opinion?

Would you have sent the knife back or repaired it yourself? What do you think about the knife? Share your questions and experiences in the comments section below.

EDCP Breakdown

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Pocket Clip
Overall Value


Decent pocket knife for the price point. Blade action isn't the greatest, but the pocket clip and blue anodized frame are very good.

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  1. Good simple review and repair on the Boker knife . No i wouldn’t send it back , i would make the repair myself . Never been a big fan of Boker knives , but this one does have a certain appeal with the blue anodized liners and deep carry pocket clip . I know what it means to fat finger a small screw then loose it to only hear it later being sucked up into the vacuum cleaner .

    Quick Tips
    A cheap flat refrigerator magnetic works well for keeping small screws organized by using it as a screw holder.
    Tweezers are always a great tool for keeping the small screws aligned for assembly and removing .
    Duck Tape is also a great screw holder and can be used over a striped screw to provide tension to help remove it .

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