Tuesday , June 2 2020

Product Reviews

Boker Magnum Techno Drill Knife Repair And Review

Boker Magnum Techno Drill Knife Reassembled

Recently, while looking for a inexpensive pocket knife to keep in my truck’s EDC bag, I picked up a Boker Magnum Techno Drill pocket knife. The size and weight of this basic pocket knife was just right. It didn’t have any fancy mechanisms or opening assist features. And the anodized blue …

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Aer Duffel Pack Review

Aer Duffel Pack Worn Side View

Biking to work brought up some unique challenges to configuring my EDC. I was struggling trying to find a balance between weight, comfort and functionality with my existing backpacks. I was using my old Rush 24 backpack, but it was really just too large for this purpose. The tendency to overpack was …

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Long Term Review Maxpedition Spatha Laptop Case

Maxpedition Spatha Laptop Case Front

I’ve used the Maxpedition Spatha Laptop Case almost every day for nearly two years. It’s my main EDC bag when commuting to the office and when traveling abroad for business. I like the compact size and storage flexibility. The Spatha carries my electronics, core EDC items and a concealed firearm with …

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Quad Lock Smart Phone Mounting System Review

Quad Lock Bike Mount

I upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus several months ago and haven’t looked back. The increased performance and larger screen have been a real boon when it comes to answering business emails and reading news articles on the go. However, this increased productivity from having a larger screen does have …

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Lypen Titanium Pen Review

Lypen Titanium Pen

I recently received a titanium pen from Mark Anthony called the Lypen. I’ve been using it almost every day for several weeks and it’s become my favorite “tactical” pen to date. The first thing that impressed me was the exceptional quality of the machined titanium. A great deal of precision …

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