1911 Sights


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so i'm wanting to change out the sights on my 1911. the problem is, i have no idea which sights i need, with regards to the "cut". i can't find anything about which cut mine have.


springfield armory 1911 loaded model
.45 acp
5" barrel
came with low profile combat 3-dot tritium

i'm wanting to change to the truglo tfo sights (either yellow rear, green front...or green rear, green w/red ring front). but they come in different sizes and i have no idea what size my 1911 needs.

here are links to the 2 i'm considering:

yellow rear w/green front

green rear w/green-red ring front

any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Wish I could help but I dont own a Springfield, unless someone else can chime in I suggest calling them and asking. I've heard their CS is fantastic.

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