2019 EDC Picture Thread


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I really dig the look of that Flipside Strata wallet. How are you liking it? I've been a leather wallet guy all my life, but would consider trying something like that.
I've been using the strata for 2 years now with no complaints. Its the longest I've used a wallet. I like it because it stays the same size. I no longer have the Costanza phenomenon to deal with. The strata is the smallest of the flipside line only carrying 5 cards with an exterior money clip, which is why I got it. I highly recommend it
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Here is my standard on person carry these days:

  • Pocket trauma kit with:
    • SWAT-T tourniquet
    • Krinkle gauze
    • Nitrile gloves
    • Emergency blanket
  • Pocket organizer with:
    • Basic boo boo kit
    • Small trauma shears
    • Pens
    • Field Notes
    • Mini Bic
    • Coast G10 flashlight and spare AAA battery
    • Spare CR123A
    • Kershaw Leek
  • Paracord bracelet
  • Casio G-Shock Mudman
  • Tungsten carbide and carbon fiber wedding ring
  • Keys with Leatherman Micra
  • Emerson Super CQC-8
  • Business card case
  • Leatherman OHT
  • Kershaw Funxion EMT
  • Glock 17 and spare magazine
  • BLUR Defense Spray
  • Olight M10 Maverick
  • Chums Surfshorts wallet


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How do you like the bolt action light?
It's fun and always starts a conversation, but isn't the best flashlight interface in the world. The processing of moving the bolt will never be as easy or convenient as a tail switch or twist ring.

It is however a very bright flashlight. It puts out a very respectable 490 lumens and has three brightness levels. It uses two CR2 batteries, but that's neither a plus or minus in my book.

It won't replace my normal EDC flashlight, but it definitely stands out as unique and collection worthy. Which makes it fun to carry from time to time.