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Mine varies a little bit depending on if I'm riding the Harley or in a cage. But basically:

Ka Bar BK11
Glock 30 w/3 mags
Kershaw 4inch folder
100 ft of cordage
Small 4x6 ft tarp
2 litres of water
2 3000 calorie meal bars
Redline flashlight

This is carried in a small 14x8x8 molle messenger bag. I add or remove some things depending on general weather conditions. In winter I throw in a survival sleeping bag.



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Re: Share Your Personal EDC Here

Seems like when I get a wallet it ends up getting so packed that its over stuffed... The Maxpedition Urban wallet is small enough to carry everything you need but you can't over stuff it...

Love it...


My Personal EDC

Here's a list of my personal EDC items. I rotate folding knives frequently, but the rest is pretty much the same:
* Wallet
* Droid Bionic phone
* Carabiner Keychain with: Schrade Titanium Pry Tool, Streamlight Nano light, Victorinox Rambler knife, Gerber Clutch multi tool, Jet Scream whistle, keys
* CRKT Drifter Stainless folding knife
* CRKT Folts Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife
* Glock 27 with Plus 2 mag, Blackhawk holster
* Extra 7-round mag
* Casio Pathfinder watch
* Streamlight Stylus Pro light
* Paracord bracelet
* Cotton Bandana

I will occasionally swap out the Glock 27 for my Glock 23 and sometimes carry a larger folding knife, but I've found that this set up works best for me day in and day out.

I'd love to hear any suggestions for improving my EDC.


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I switch from bag to bag depends on my mood and if the edc is simple or complicated..
On body I carry-
Iphone3gs,emerson cqc15, streamlight microstream, keys, bandana, wallet, and sometimes a pen.

Bag carry-
Glock23 w/ extra mag, cpr shield, mini first aid(bandaids,neosporen,wipes,meds),rite in rain pad w/space pen, sharpie, couple reg. pens, flashlight Klarus P1C w/ 2 spare batteries, spyderco delica4, ESEE3, spare bandana, leather wave, blast match, lighter, wetfire, water purification tabs, credit card diamond sharpeners, eye glasses, check books, bag full of change(coins), Oakley Sunglasses. I think I covered it. might have miss a few items..

On my 5.11 moab 10 I made a modification, a handle on the side of bag to carry/lift the bag when its not on my back. (it comes in handy more than you think)


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I have yet to introduce myself in the proper section, so, for now hello and here's my pocket dump:

- Kershaw Tanto Flash
- Truck keys with homemade paracord/chapstick fob
- Vestal Gearhead watch
- iPhone 4 w/ Case Mate ID case
- homemade paracord bracelet with compass
- dirty bandana
- Tiffany & Co. money clip
- Jetbeam PA10
- Leatherman Wave
- misc keys with paracord retreaval fob and Inova Microlight
- Tugsten wedding band
- Targus Executive Pen & Stylus

I've only recently discovered the "community" surrounding EDC. I've carried for years. I'm that guy who's friends always ask for a knife, scissors, screw driver, etc. - cause I usually have one. The multi-tool was my only tool carried for a very long time and I've always broken keys into smaller "modules" that could be combined if needed. A good flashlight has been a recent addition which is insanely handy.

There's not much theory to my EDC, other than - if I don't use it, I don't carry it.

Not that I would use it but I would like to have a fire arm as well. Unfortunately, I live in CA where it's very difficult to carry a gun if you're not a cop or a criminal, otherwise I'd have a compact 1911 up in this mix.

Thanks for reading.

Carry on.


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Re: Share Your Personal EDC Here

Welcome to EDC Planet Dagron and thanks for sharing your EDC gear with us. I really like those paracord key fobs. Do you know what weave you used on the bottom one?
Re: Share Your Personal EDC Here

Thank you, all. Glad to be here!

MIKE said:
Welcome to EDC Planet Dagron and thanks for sharing your EDC gear with us. I really like those paracord key fobs. Do you know what weave you used on the bottom one?
MIKE - the bottom fob is a typical king cobra weave (aka double solomon bar) - the two colors were spliced, weaved one way to the desired length - then back the other way.
The end of it is a Celtic button knot - which is an awesome little (easy) knot!
Share Your Personal EDC Here

MIKE said:
Does it fold or is it used more like a divider in your backpack/bag? Any Velcro fields?
It does not fold, so I guess it's more like a divider. I like that it sort of flattens out my stuff rather than it falling to the bottom of individual pockets. I use it in an Oakley Bathroom Sink Backpack and it's perfect size for the main large pocket.

Also, if anyone's interested, I can try to compile a list of the stuff I've got on it.


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Re: Share Your Personal EDC Here

The divider with Velcro tabs in your center console is genius! Excellent method to keep all those lose items organized and easy to retrieve. I bet I could fit two of those in my Suburban's console.

Positive karma for you sir. ;)