A better Kii RING?

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Alex Hada

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WynLABS has recently launched its latest Kickstarter campaign. The Kii RING is a simple, but brilliant design. It brings to the table something that should have been part of the design from the very beginning. A small tab allows the user to quickly add or remove keys. It functions the same as a traditional key ring, but without any of the struggle.

This new design also allows the Kii RING to be used as a mock carabiner or money clip. It's stylish design will match with any style from sporty to classy. It comes in four different colors, silver, purple, gold and blue. There is even a system setup which consists of four smaller rings on one large ring. This means that you can sort your keys into four mini sets so that it's faster to find the keys you need for the task at hand.

I'm excited to see how the project turns out and I hope that some of you will check it out!

I've included the link below. Thanks for your time!



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Looks neat. I didn't vote because even though I probably wouldn't use this it's because I don't use a ring for my keys. If I did I would definitely give these a try.


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It was hard to tell from the pics on the kickstarter page but do the smaller rings work the same way?


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It seems to be very similar to the Free Key system. The main difference being the tab on the side of the key ring, allowing easier opening. Don't think I'd use this as I already have a system I like. I don't think it's worth it to get something else that's still very similar to what I have. The smaller rings look just like the small ones that come with the Free Key system in that they're just a flat ring instead of having the bump in the ring to enable to easy on/off ability. I might be more interested if they had various sizes of Kii rings. I do like that they have multiple colors to use from though.


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It's too big. I use a fairly small Ti ring for my keys, which keeps the whole thing slim in my pocket. This ring is much wider than I need, so I wouldn't use it - although I do like the design. A smaller version would be intriguing.


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interesting design.

and good lord! did they record the music with the gain turned ALL the way up?!