A VEDC storage system for my Ford Escape


EDC Master
i just watched the above video and the build video on your channel. very cool stuff.

i plan on doing something similar in my truck. i want to build something like you did, but under the back seat. there are a few companies that sell things like i want, but i don't want to spend quite that much on it. and i know i can build exactly what i want.

so thanks for the inspiration.
I'd really like something like that, but I haven't looked into it all that heavily.

A false floor means you have to empty the stuff on top of it to get to it. Which I don't really like. Plus, truck vaults and similar products are expensive. And in my Forrester, the only place to do it displaces the spare.

I really like the ingenuity. But, I think I still prefer my pelican case chained into place solution better, at least for me.

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