Atwood tools


EDC Apprentice
Reading some of the earlier posts some don't see the usefulness of Atwood tools and why have a pry tool. I have an Atwood Ghost on my keychain and I'll tell you it's extremely handy for its size. I like to carry as little as possible but be as equipped as I can. This tool comes in at about the length of a key and as thick as about 2 keys so it's almost unnoticeable on my keychain. It primarily is used as a bottle opener but have used it as a screwdriver and a pry bar. I don't ever use the tip of my knife to pry with so this tool comes in handy to pop rocks out of my Jeeps tires, open some spice containers that have press fit covers, paint cans, beer can tabs when my fingernails are too short and the list goes on. For its size it's indispensable to me.

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