decoy wallet


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i've been thinking about carrying a decoy wallet. something i can give to a mugger/robber/etc. if they ask for my wallet. i'd put in a fake id card, some fake credit cards, maybe even ~$3 in cash just to satisfy them. hell, maybe even throw in an old key that goes to nothing, just so they think they got something.

does anybody carry a decoy wallet? and if so, what do you keep in it?


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I've carried one when traveling before. I don't as part of a normal day.

But...I live a very low-risk lifestyle at this point (work from home, etc.) and just about always carry a gun anyway.


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I don't carry a decoy, but I do separate the lock from the key. I carry a small wallet with essential cards in one pocket, cash in another and change in a third. Figure if I pull cash out of one pocket and change out of another that'll either appease the criminal and/or give me time to either run or launch a counter assault. I'm not trying to shoot someone if I don't have to.

My number one rule to a gunfight is Don't get into one. My number two rule is to escape and evade. Number 3, unleash the dogs of war. I'll gladly surrender a couple bucks and replaceable cards if it means I don't have to irrevocably change my life and the life of another. I think it's important as gun owners/handlers to know that sometimes folding instead of holding is the better choice.


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I carry a decoy wallet when I go into the city nearby for shopping/conventions/shows/etc., but I normally don't carry one. I keep around $10 in ones and sometimes a $5 bill. I also typically have a couple partially used gift cards to local convenience stores plus some used up gift cards to make it look realish to a quick glance. I usually stick a couple bandaids in there too. That way, I can use it for smaller purchases when needed so it looks like I'm actually using that wallet. The decoy wallet rides in a backpocket, next to either a pen or a flashlight. My main wallet is a small wallet that rides in my front pocket, where it is much more secure and harder to get to. I like the idea of being able to drop or hand over the decoy to then either get out of dodge or take advantage of the distraction to defend myself. With the decoy next to my last ditch pen or flashlight, I can use the excuse of complying with an order to fork over the wallet to get at my last ditch weapon. It's just a comfort to have, because every time I go to that city, I get asked for spare change at least once by homeless people and it's nice to know that if a situation went sour, I could just ditch the wallet and run because everything in it is easily replaceable.