Don't feed them after midnight

you'd be better without that dang guard on your strimmer.

You can do tons of tricks with an open head. The line trimmer is my favorite tool in my arsenal. Followed by the mower.

poor Gremlin's borrowed tool is a combination of both that makes either look bad. Kinda like that Kid Rock song........ about summer......
Best trick that I would love currently is a longer line sweep when I'm trimming ditches.......
I'm dang good "mowing areas" with a line trimmer. Smooth and slow, back and forth, is the key. I can't imagine using that thing.....ugh...almost as bad as the reel mower I have to use on my own yard.
I'm pretty fair at it myself (not as good as the seasoned lawn apes though), but you can't tilt this stupid thing, so it just leaves the grass way too long.

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@ManVsLawn, @backwater-otter, I know you both are big on proper footwear, but I saw this picture floating around the book of faces and immediately thought of you guys. Couldn't resist posting it here.

Edit to say that it's not my pic, I would go barefoot before I'd wear crocs.

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It's like the reverse of good Swiss cheese.



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Somebody got a big brother today! A customer at my store and fellow EDC-er found a bunch of these at his local Walmart at a really good price, so he bought them out. Said he immediately thought of me and decided I needed a new blade.

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Is that a Tenacious? That was my first real knife and started my love for Spyderco's.
So I guess I've neglected my thread for long enough. I've been doing a "MacGyver" challenge for about a week and a half with a customer at work. The same one that gifted me the Tenacious. We made a deal to go without big multitools and folders, and instead carry nothing but a single SAK for two weeks. It's been rough, I didn't realize how much I used pliers. But it's only for a few more days.
I went against my "dollar store sunglasses" rule today and picked up a pair of Edge polarized sunnies. Love the fact that they are Z87 safety glasses too.

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Picked up a new Fox Tactical pocket organizer on the cheap from the local surplus store. I've been thinking about picking up a Maxpedition one for a little bit, but this will give me a chance to see if it will work for me.

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