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I can tell you that the magnesium and fero rod combo will work every time. Having some fat wood with it can only be a plus

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My tapatalk isn't following the link for some reason... But I'll add this in case the video doesn't. If it doesn't have a tiny sawblade or toothed device for getting little bitty shavings off, make sure you carry something that does. Slivers and curls are a pain to light by themselves. The smaller the shavings better...

But I concur, mag and ferrocium work well. But you have to have tinder to keep it going just like any fire.

I know I'm preaching to the choir and new here, but like any system, practice with it before relying on it. My scouts light their fires with firesteel even when a lighter or matches are present just to stay proficient.

Incidentally when heated only a bit, magnesium in small enough particles can self ignite. Hence why milling it is such a pain...



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I also agree that having some fatwood available will be a big plus when using fero/mag block! I recently tried using an old mag bar and didn't have proper, dry tinder. I grabbed a fatwood stick out of my EDC, shaved some fatwood powder off it, then sent sparks into the FW powder, and immediately had flame!
I don't leave home without fatwood now.
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I also carry a small metal tube (Container, blue in color) by UST, filled with FW shavings, and cotton balls. I also carry a small (1oz) flask filled with lamp oil. I'll pour the lamp oil over tinder in a circle, and once flame is achieved, the lamp oil will ignite and spread the flame increasing is surface burn size.