Eaton Scorpion II Radio, AM FM & Weather


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I don't have one but since you said you've had yours for a few years, what are your pro's and con's?

Personally, I have several power options available in case the commercial power goes out and have no need for a solar/wind up radio. But I did receive one of them as a promo giveaway. The handle to crank it up broke after my son played around with it for about a week. Just for giggles, I plan to modify it this weekend so that I can attach a cordless drill to is and wind it up faster.


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Hi, pro's,,, sits in my pack and the battery stays charged for months on end, when I do pull it to use the light has plenty of luminosity/bright.
I've used the radio several times up in the mountains and received am 7 fm & weather stations, the solar panel will charge it , it is very water resistant, been used in the rain.
Haven't used it charge any thing, have wound it several times, long duration, charged the battery with it,never any con issues so far.
Dose have a decent speaker for it's size,,,,,

I've seen many different wind up radios, some very inexpensive, don't know their quality, I've recieived many promo things that were more or less weak representations of the give away declarations,

Sat through a sales presentation of a food processor and the give away was a small kitchen knife that's Mora knife sharp,the edge works great on a ferro rod so I cut off most of the blade and use it for striking fire from the ferro rod, it's part of my fire kit now.


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I just was re-reading here, I've mis-speeled the manufacture's name, Eton Scorpion II, I stand corrected.

Here's a link to a decent review of it so I thought I'd link it,,,,, and I have used the bottle opener and was glad it was there, :)

and another link
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