Emergency Preparedness Food

(This is kind of an approximate fit into this subforum. When I think of nutrition, I don't think of MREs.)

What kind of food do you keep in your BOB, pantry, car, etc. for emergency scenarios?

I'm not talking long-term post-apocalypse starting over with seeds. I'm talking about a disaster that is a matter of days, perhaps a week - tornado, hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, wild fires, etc. These are realistic scenarios that can affect any of us.

Options of which I am aware:
• US Military MREs:
well-know, readily available
• French Military MREs: You can have squid!
• First Strike Rations: do not require heating, for eating on the go


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I'm not a prepper, but I try to keep a mix of long term storage food items around. In my car I keep an MRE, a freeze dried item,
a couple of Clif bars, jerky and a package of 'lifeboat ration bars.'

I keep more of the same at home, plus stuff like canned soup and pasta, oatmeal, just add water biscuit mix, peanut butter,
crackers, honey, and ramen noodles. I like stuff that you just heat and eat or only needs water added, it's a bit bland but
that doesn't really bother me.


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I hate the term "Prepper" cause I feel it puts me in with the doomsday group. I am not prepared because I want to be ready for the zombie apocalypse. I'm prepared because it is a smart thing to do.

Having said that; I have a 1 year supply of freeze dried long term food storage and about a 1 month supply of water. I feel this is important for everyone to have if you can afford it. I remember as a kid my dad was out of work for almost a whole year and the only reason he was able to feed his family of 6 that whole year of unemployment was because he had built up his food storage. To this day he says, "If I hadn't had all that food for us to eat we wouldn't have made it as a family".

Having food storage is as important as having a savings account.

Here's some of the collection I have. I have tried all of the food and it is actually really damn good. I get it from a local store Emergency Essentials


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I don't think I'm exactly "prepared," but I do have a few staples that I stock the pantry with along with my bag, work locker, and car. They're mostly snack items, but it's enough to get me through a couple of days - admittedly, it's probably not enough to get me through any large emergencies. I also admit that I don't really look at nutrition or caloric density. They're just things that I would normally eat anyway.

  • Peanut butter - luckily, I don't have a peanut allergy. There's always a large jar (think Costco sized) in the pantry, a baby sized one in my backpack, and a regular one in the car. Occasionally, when the little Justin's packets go on sale, I'll pick those up too.
  • Clif Bars - usually gets me through the day, if need be. They're quite filling.
  • Ramen - Sometimes I'll snack on these dry with a sprinkling of the seasoning powder (Mi Mama in the silver bag is a favorite - this was how we ate it at recess in the 2nd grade). At home, I ditch the seasoning packet and just use the noodles as a base and dress it up with leftover meats and veggies. :) Good stuff.
  • Rice - pantry item. I'm Asian. hahahah :p It's an easy add-on to any meal to make it last longer. My mom used to add rice to leftover soup. I add rice to chili to make it more filling and stretch the pot.
  • Oats - I like rolled oats, especially. It's a cheap and easy base for various add ins.
  • Spices - I try to keep spices handy since it's an easy fix to enhance an otherwise bland dish.
  • Instant mashed potatoes - staple for pantry and car. Just add water! :) They're pretty cheap - even the flavored ones.
  • Canned soup - it's nice to have around for something that's just heat and eat. I have these in the pantry as well as my car.
  • Canned veggies - At home I usually just have frozen veggies, if not fresh, but as a backup, I do stock up on the canned variety.
  • Honey packets - They're like ketchup packets, but with honey. I prefer these to the honey straws. We have them at work and you can usually pick up a couple at tea/coffee shops. They're nice to have around for various reasons and the packets makes it a little more convenient. I've been known to snack on honey/PB/saltines at work for a quick pick-me-up.
  • Dried fruit - I don't think I keep these around at home, but I do keep them in my bag and car. Raisins, cranberries....
  • Peanuts - I buy bulk peanuts for the home and keep a few sealed packets in the car and bag. I'm really unsure of how the bulk ones would keep in the car because of the fat content, so I do buy the sealed packs for that reason.
That's the short of it. There may be a few things I'm missing, but these are the main items I keep on hand. My favorite is definitely to have peanut butter and honey packets on hand. Saltines help too. :p

Edited to add: I found some dehydrated mixed veggies at my local grocery in their bulk section. I was thinking of adding that to the pantry and car. Seems like an easy way to add some veggies to instant ramen if I needed to. Most of the ramen I buy already have dehydrated veggies like cabbage and shitake mushrooms, but they're quite a bit more expensive than the brick stuff and takes up more storage space.
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Haha speaking of emergency food...

I came to work today and they were rotating out their stock. I got one of the bars to try. I haven't a clue the brand or flavor, but it's pretty good, albeit a little on the sweet side.