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I'll be the first to admit that my current EDC is lacking in the first aid department. Please post pictures and information about the first aid kits you carry or highly recommend.


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Honestly I just keep a few alcohol wipes and some band aids in my wallet. I use to carry a Combat Life Savers Kit in my Truck but it got too old to be useable. :-\ Maybe someday I'll stumble across something to put back in there.

Ooh and while I'm thinking of it sells the scissors from the CLS kit for like 8 bucks they have a video on youtube of what they can do I would recommend them check it out:

*They have all kinds of Kewl EDC gear!!!!


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I currently carry a Quikclot Trauma Pack, my Army issue IFAK, and a small everyday first aid kit in my bag. I think I have most of the bases covered, but I really need to get a CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet), or something similar.

In terms of what I'd recommend...ITS Tactical sells two kinds of "blow-out" kits that are designed to treat severe bleeding, airway problems, and Tension Pneumothorax. Those are the top three killers in combat, and what we are taught to treat in TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care). One of the kits ITS Tactical sells is specifically made for EDC.

Here is the EDC version (which is more limited):

Here is the regular version:

By the way, I'd recommend ITS Tactical to everyone here. They have great articles and information on all sorts of skills, gear, and other relevant topics to our "breed".


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I totally agree with you about ITS Tactical. I read about their founder in a recent book and came away very impressed. Just like you described, their EDC kit is designed for major trauma. But you need to educate yourself on it uses, because most people don't know how to restore an airway, apply a tourniquet or plug a sucking chest wound. ITS Tactical has sources for training around the country.


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I finaly got some time today to post some pictures of my I guess you could call it "First Aid Kit" but it's much more than that! I have spent years filling it with all the things I feel could Aid in everyday survival if stranded for a long period of time. I take it when ever we camp, fish or just take a day trip some where. Having three kids has depleted some of the bandages , creams , tapes , and gauze rolls but it still is pretty awesome I think. Some things you may not see that well in the Pics is a Survival blanket , 4 inch long razor blades double sided , fishing tackle , and just too much other stuff to list. The hunter orange survival whistle that is in it I will start a whole new topic about. Remember this is not one I carry around in my pocket everyday so no its not practical for everyday carry but is a necessity non the less. Input welcome enjoy.



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This is one of the basic kits we keep around. One in each car,bathroom and i have one by my desk. For 10 bucks you just cant beat them. It comes with a good assortment of band-aids, neosporin,gauze,tape and some alcohol prep pads.



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Yeah I love those Johnson and Johnson kits too they really hit it out of the park with the stuff they put in them. I like that they come with durable gloves and aspirin and stuff too. Perfect for the car and office!


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My first-aid kit is simple.

Water proof bag
Adhesive gauze pads
Benadryl pills (for allergic reactions)
Benadryl topical ointment (for stings or rashes)
Anti-biotic ointment
Ace Bandage
Burn gel
Alcohol prep pads

It seemed that none of the purchased kits had enough of the anti-biotic ointment, and having had a million cuts in my life (working in a sheet metal shop for 5 years) I know how magical that stuff is.



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I too have Benadryl tabs in mine though you cant see them because I am no kind of photographer LOL ! I like the neasporin plus pain relief probably cause I have kids ! ;D
Will be posting up some pics of my EDC Aid bag. I do emphasize though, my aid bag is meant for major trauma. I will post up some stuff for ways/tools to stop bleeding and so on. If anyone has any questions on the equipment, feel free to inbox me later.


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Just got my FAK sorted out, used the other Janus pack I have and it's worked out great! Will post some load out pics soon
Ok gents, as I said before, my kit is made for major trauma. 4 CAT tourniquets, 4 improvised tourniquets, 2 cravats, 8 combat gauze packs, 5 emergency trauma bandages, 4 kerlix packs, 3 ace wraps, 4 sets of talon gloves, 1 med box (2 epi pens, 10 alcohol prep pads, keflex, iodiform packing strips) 1 field surgeon kit, and chem lights for making a pick sight. THAT is just the bleeder section.

Airway section: 1 intubation kit, 2 king Lt's, 6 14ga catheters, 1 crych kit, 2 nasal pharyngeal airway.

Secondary treatment: 6 IV push packs. Etc etc . . .


Again, a bit much I know. But this is literally what I carry in my aid bag in my truck. As for meds: benadryl, pepto, tylenol, motrin, asprin, and claratin.


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This is awesome! Definitely something that you have and hope you never need. Love it. Thanks for being prepared TrollMedic, I hope I ever need this you or someone with your skill and experience is around.