First Aid Kits

A combat medic...hats off to you. Takes a lot of mental toughness to handle that field. My father was a combat medic in Vietnam. Served 24 years in the Army. I salute you.


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I think I finally have a respectable kit built up... it proved itself very useful this weekend on my fishing trip.

It all in a Maxpedition FR-1 pouch. I may have to edit this later since I'm going by memory, but here's what I have in it:

- scissors (cheepos, for now)
- hemostats
- chap stick
- neosporin w/ pain releaf
- anti itch cream
- sunblock
- eye drops
- waterproof tape (on a small plastic card)
- 2 pairs exam gloves
- tweezers
- superglue
- first aid reference card
- cordage
- ace bandage/wrap
- dressing wrap (the white roll, sticks to itself)
- velcro strap (I ended up with two of these that came with a cast cover, figured it could be used a tourniquet in a pinch)
- 4"x4" gauze pads
- instant cold pack (the type you bust the insides to get cold)
- small individually packaged alcohol pads
- individually packaged burn gel
- assorted band-aids, large, small, finger tip, knuckle, oval, etc.
- adhesive butterfly closures
- medications
- benadryl
- ibuprofen
- tums
- imodium ad
- tylenol
- vicodin
- claritin
- dramamine

...and I think that's it.

I also found that this SOL survival kit would fit (snugly) into the zipper pouch of the FR-1 pouch. I had to unclip the bag to get it to fit better though.



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MIKE said:
Great FAK, what's your rough estimate on cost?
Oh, boy, that's a tough one. Off the top of my head, I'd say less than $40 would get most of the supplies in it. The FR-1 runs about $35-40 and the SOL kit is around $25. Obviously there are less expensive pouches out there.

Lucky for me, my office has a huge first aid kit that gets restocked from Zee Medical every month or so - I just snag a few band-aids and what-not here and there.

I also have had one of these for years. I got some of these supplies from this kit
OK I am starting a kit and after reading through this post I want to make a small but basic kit for use in a city which is where I live. So here is what I have so far any suggestions will help and be appreciated.

Again I want to try to keep this small and compact.

Emergency Kit

Johnson's All Purpose First Aid Kit (Starter) approx 8.50 at Wal-Mart It looks to be mainly bandades and bandages.
Hand Sanitizer
Antibiotic Ointment
Fingernail Clippers
Alcohol 99% pure (Get bottles from work)
Ace Elastic bandage w/ Clips (2in)


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Here's my list for my smaller level 1 kit

Level 1 first aid kit
Blood Stoppers
- 2 x 2"x2yd gauze roll
- 1 x 25g quickclot acs bloodstopper spong
- 2 x 2" bandage compress
- 2 x 5"x9" ABD pads
- 4 x 4"x4" gauze sponges
- 4 x 2"x2" gauze pads
- 1 x triangle bandage
- 3 x tampons (removed from applicators)
Airway Management
- 1 x CPR safety shield
Wound Closure
- 2 x 4"x4 3/4" tegaderm film dressing
- 2 x 4.0x30" silk suture kit
- 1 x 2"x10yd Roll Transpore Tape
- 1 x 1"x10yd roll athletic tape
- 3 x package of (3) 1/4"x3" steri strip skin closures
- 4 x butterfly bandages
- 4 x knuckle bandages
- 8 x 1" flexible fabric bandaids
- 4 x 2" flexible fabric bandaids
- 1 tube gorilla super glue
Antiseptic and Disinfectant
- 2 x Povidone-iodine prep pads
- 6 x alcohol prep pads
- 6 x BZK antiseptic towelettes
- 1 x Eye wash 1/2 oz. plastic bottle
- 1 x 1/2 oz. Triple antibiotic ointment
- 1 x 1/2 oz. hydrocortisone cream
- 4 doses diphenhydramine (benadryl)
- 4 doses ibuprofen
- 4 doses acetaminophen
- 4 doses aspirin
- 4 doses loperamide (imodium)
- 4 doses loratadine (claritin)
- 4 doses pseudoephedrine
Instruments, Tools and Miscellaneous
- 4" hemostats
- 2 x nitrile gloves
- 5" micro pointed forceps
- streamlight stylus pro penlight
- rescue howler whistle
- 1 BIC lighter
- 2 x AAA lithium batteries
WV Sheepdog... good catch I forgot those.

Dmak... Thats impressive but I am just looking for basic since I have little to no training and I am in the city 90% of the time..

Also while I was at work I thought of a folding knife as well. Think I have an older Buck Rescue, the one that had the 3 inch or so blade on one side and a belt cutter on the other. If I can find a picture of it and post it.
WV Sheepdog... good catch I forgot those.

Dmak... Thats impressive but I am just looking for basic since I have little to no training and I am in the city 90% of the time.
FWIW, I've used my Trauma kit twice in the middle of Atlanta (lost one, saved one, if you care), but in both cases, the patient's chances were better with someone doing something before EMTs got there. It still takes time.

And medical training is among the cheapest and easiest to get.

3 x tampons (removed from applicators)
For stopping blood? They work okay for nosebleeds but not much else.

These two live in my bag daily:
Do get another Swat-T if you haven't and dedicate it to training. They're not easy to put on yourself and pretty easy to screw up even on someone else. I have a couple too and I like them as pressure dressings and for children and pets with limbs to small to use a soft-t wide, but they're a good bit harder to use as a TQ correctly.