Fixed blade pics!

since photobucket is being a big douche-nozzle, i'm gonna re-post mine from a different image hosting site:

ontario blackbird sk-5 (rides in its sheath that is strapped to my ghb/bob)
ontario rat3 (rides in its sheath that is in the ccw compartment in my edc bag)
crkt folts minimalist bowie (rides in its sheath that hangs around my neck when i leave the house...and i want all the other blade styles, too)
It is, how did you know?
Brooks Saddle Cambium C17
i have 2 knives with micarta scales (both are in the pic in my post just above yours with the seat).

i like the material and the texture. and looking at that seat closely, it just looks like micarta, lol. and i'd love to pick up a set of micarta scales for my bm grip. but since they're custom, and not sold directly by benchmade, they can cost almost as much a the knife, itself.