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Thought I might as well start my EDC Planet life & journey with my own thread. Here was my intro to begin things and I'll post today's EDC shortly both here and on the main EDC thread, so about me:

Hello EDC Planet!!!!!!! I see lots of very familiar names here, some who have greatly inspired my EDC journey, so looking forward to being a member.

I'm almost 56 years old but have lived by the Boy Scout motto of "Be Prepared" since I was a child so I guess you could say I have been an EDC'er for a very long time like almost 50 years, although the goodies I carry got better every year with age. I started with small Ray-O-Vac flashlights and Case, Ulster, or Old Timer knives along with hand me down Elgin & Milber watches back in the 60's as a child which were always with me. My Mother & Grandmother could never get over my fascination with lights & knives as a child.

Move forward to today, my taste in watches are Rolex, Omega, & Doxa, but I can actually afford Luminox watches which I love just as much as the others. Knives are various but my favorite folders are ZT, DPX, Southern Grind Bad Monkeys, and Hinderer. On fixed blades, I'm all ESEE, I have one of almost everything in their line-up and love them because quite simply they work with no frills. I love Zippo's and Fisher military space pens, cheap but simple & always work!! My light choices are now Lenslight & Maratac. And finally I love Triple Aught Design gear.

I've been in the telecom industry mostly as a project/program manager for almost 30 years. Plan to retire just after I reach the 30 year mark in January 2017, and probably retire no later than June next year so I'm trying to purchase some long time wanted items before I retire. I live in North Georgia & will probably remain here unless I can talk my wife into moving to the Florida panhandle, which is not likely to happen but you never know. Married with one grown son and 2 crazy cats.


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Since I'm new here, I wanted to let everyone see what's with me daily so here goes.
My daily EDC bag & setup:

Starts with a Triple Aught Design OP1 (modified) bag which goes everywhere with me. I either just carry it or it rides in one of 3 others larger bags I'll preview later, they include a Combat Flip Flops Claymore Bag, a Kelty Velocity backpack, or a Triple Aught Design FastPack EDC. If I leave the house one of these usually accompanies me except on maybe quick trips to the store. The OP1 allows me to carry everything I EDC & might need daily in one compact little bag except a pistol. It gets loaded nightly and is ready to go for any adventure or misadventure at a moments notice.

Here's a load out from a few weeks back but typical day.

On the right side I carry Dermatone Lip Balm, nail clippers, a Leatherman Style CS for the scissors, Uncle Ben's Sliver Gripper tweezers, toe nail clipper, Leatherman WAVE bit set, and a Triple Aught Design titatium skeleton key that sometimes ends up in my pocket. Both nail clippers have since been replaced by a Saxhorn Professional Nail Clipper set.

In the right inside zippered pocket I carry 2 Shout wipes for getting stains out of clothing, 2 hand wipes, a limited assortment of first aid items, and an array of sewing needles (plain needle, sail needle, curved mattress needle, carpet needle, upholstery pin, and glovers needle) to sew up pretty much anything and they take up very little space. Not shown in with the needles is an assortment of various colors sewing thread in 20" lengths and 2 large safety pins.

In the outside Velcro closure pocket I keep my lighter, usually a ZIPPO with Thunderbird Vector butane insert & my cigar cutter, usually a Xikar Xi3 stainless.

In the outer Velcro closure pocket I keep 3-4 things, my wallet, my keys, a second SAC, and sometimes a second smaller flashlight whichever one I'm choosing to carry for the day in both the latter items. TAD did a terrible design on this pocket in my opinion, they divided this compartment into 3 almost unusable pockets with two sewed seams in the center. With their design you can get maybe a couple of credit cards and a small Fisher Space pen to fit. By removing the 2 center seams dividing the compartment into three sections, you get one really open compartment that can carry a lot as seen here. To me this is a great modification to what is otherwise a terrific design. You can still see where the seams were in the photo. These items always get moved to my pockets for the day.

On the left side I carry a Leatherman bit extender, a Leatherman WAVE, an ALOX Harvester, a titatium skeleton tool, A Suunto Clipper watch compass, a PNY 32 GB flash drive, my large tactical folder (changes regularly), and a 2 cell CR123 flashlight in this case a Lenslight KO TAD edition. The large tactical folder always gets moved to my pocket. Sometimes this light and also sometimes the WAVE end up in my pocket otherwise they stay in the bag. I always carry a larger light here even though I might put a smaller one in my pocket for the day.

In the open pocket on the left side I keep two small notebooks, one personal, one for work. I also always keep 2-3 pens & usually a Sharpie which is missing here for some reason. Hmmmmmmmm... The notebooks vary, Rite in the Rain here but I love Moleskine & Field Notes. These were free so they are getting used.

I know everyone has different systems but this has worked for me. I've tried other small bags from Maxpedition & Vanquest but always come back to this set up as it's small enough to fit in anything but covers all my daily essentials. In an emergency I can grab it & my phone, glasses, and watch and go in a hurry. In the mornings, I do the same, and I'm not disturbing my wife by loading my pockets up in the bedroom. I do that later.

Anyway I'm prepared for emergencies, the daily grind, or that next great adventure with this set up. Now just need to get on those adventures more.........


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Since my signature line reads partially Leroy Jethro Gibbs Rule #9: "Never go anywhere without a knife" might as well introduce you to one of two knives I actually named on my first day here. This one is Gibbs, a ZT0302, the same knife Gibbs carries on the TV show NCIS.

The ZT0302 known as Gibbs in my household is hands down my favorite knife, well DiNozzo, a ZT0303 is a close 2nd. It can be seen in a thread above and is the top knife below. Why DiNozzo, you ask? Well very special agent Anthony DiNozzo carries this one on NCIS. Bottom one is a ZT0301. Probably my 3rd favorite, it never got a name, only the top 2 but if it were to get a name, it'd be the Duke for John Wayne's role in "The Green Berets" movie from 1968. Yeah, I'm old!!!!!!!! ......and maybe that knife just became the Duke LOL. Guys, you gotta have fun and a sense of humor in this lifetime, you only get one!!!!!!!