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EDC Grand Master
FRIDAY 2/17/2017 EDC - With the exception of my handkerchief my EDC hasn't changed since 2/5, a real rarity for me. I consider these items the best of the best I own in each category, even this hank is my favorite. The CRK Umnumzaan / Star-Tac just gets better every day I carry it, once you get blade deployment figured out and the muscle memory in your sub-conscious to open it without hesitation then it becomes a phenomenal knife and I mean absolutely phenomenal. In my opinion, better than anything I own and I have one particular Hinderer that I truly love but this knife beats it which surprised the crap out of me. It is close to being perfection for me. I feel most CRKs are more gentleman's knives and refined. While the Umnumzaan is refined just as well, it just has a wicked look and feel to it from how it fits my hand, speed of opening, blade geometry & design. Add to that the Wilson Combat Star-Tac design on the titanium scales providing more than adequate grippiness making it well just phenomenal. It did take me 2 full weeks of use to get down blade deployment to make this beat out my Sebenza 25 or my Hinderer XMs but when it started finally flipping easily for me the deal was done, this knife moved to the top.

Knife: Chris Reeve Knives Umnumzaan / Wilson Combat Star-Tac version
SAK: ALM Knives & Tools custom Victorinox Spartan
Watch: 1994 Rolex Submariner
Light: Lenslight Mini Ti TAD edition
Pen: TAD Fellhoelter TiBolt
Lighter: 2003 Titanium Zippo
Prybar/Opener: TAD Skeleton Key
Handkerchief: Godspeed Tactical Navajo

My EDC may get boring for a while as I am finding it hard to get anything here out of my pocket LOL. Took me a long time to find that perfect item in each category but this is mine as of today, but as EDCers we all know how that goes, sooner or later something else comes along LOL and there will always be that next new item you feel you just have to try! Have a great weekend friends! Gary