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New FTF yesterday morning at 05.40, a D1/T5, couldn't bring my phone up in the tree, no jacket equals no pockets for extra stuff....

Base Anchor
2 Beal 18mm Nylon slings 22Kn
2 Petzl OK triact lock in opposit direction.
Double 8 knot on the rope
Remaining rope: Alpine knot and a triact lock, instead of a fisherman knot, i think it's faster to do and easier.

Be safe and Take care!

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With those FTF's it seems pointless to ad my first find in almost 9 months...
As i said, nothing is pointless in here, everyone has his own limits and life constellations that may have a say in time spent on this hobby.

Clear your heart, if you want.... i'm eager to see everyone elses journeys/trips. :)

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My most recent find was a TB hotel here in the neighborhood. It contained an Australian Olympic mascot that already traveled 25,451 km and originated from Tasmania, Australia with the instructions to travel around the world. So if it's still there next friday I'm going to help it along another 100 km or so.