Good morning,


EDC Apprentice
I'm worried someone will put wheels on the hand basket to hasten the ride,,,,,,,

Not to worry, just seeing if this site has a since of humor.


EDC Apprentice
My interest in EDC revamp started about a month ago, while talking with my bother about life here in the states compared to life in the Solomon's.
He's a Baptist minister and is staying on a remote part of one of the larger islands, anyway he was suggesting that I might be living in fear and that will take it's toll on my since of humor.
During our visit I was just showing a few things from my EDC sling bag that I've carried for the last five yrs, and realizing over time some of the essentials were missing and that there a few more non-essentials in there giving some excess weight to it.

So I completely emptied my bag, went thru everything, added what I think I need to be there and removed what didn't.
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the bag weighs more now.

This 4 day holiday for me is a complete revamp of my GHB from my car and my EDC bag, and realizing last week that my bag could be better design I fell back into the bag search, decided on the Mobius 2.0 in black, it may be bigger than I wanted but it's a bit smaller than what I have right now which is an older EDC bag, don't know who made it but it does have many of the good attributes of an EDC, including the CCW compartment on the backside just like the Mobius,
But it has too many side pockets that gives the bag a wider profile than I want, it needs to be slim to drop between the front seats of my car, rest close to my body when slung by the shoulder strap and not constantly slip off my shoulder, one other thing I like about the new bag is the hand grasp handle, my old bag doesn't have one so to grab it and walk to the car means a sling to the shoulder, then as I unlock the car the strap slides off, and when I get home it slides off my shoulder while unlocking the house door,

The new bag won't be here till Thursday, but today and tomorrow are slated for final decisions on what goes and what will stay in the bag.

I hope this helps introduce me a bit and where I'm headed with my participation in this forum.:)


EDC Apprentice
I've thought about it for most of the morning so far, trying to decide exactly why I'm building a survival platform in my life,
I believe that it's the chaos during the aftermath of a major geologic event, either be it an earthquake of great magnitude, or major power grid failure, for my geographic location, the PNW, these are what I'm prepping for.
an EDC to survive chaos.
I'm sure order will be restored in a reasonable amount of time,
Interesting how sites say we won't last long after SHTF take advertising for years worth of MRE chow costing a couple of grand... o_O