Goruck gr2 34l or gr1?!

I have both packs which I think are great but I'm torn because I think the gr2 is a little more comfortable but I like the gr1's size. Does anyone else think the gr2 34l fits better than the 26l gr1 or is it just in my head?
Kinda depends on what your needs are. Used to have a GR1 26L here, and briefly tried a GR2 34L. The GR2 was way overkill for any sort of daily use, short of maybe one-bag traveling.

FYI, Goruck did change the overall shoulder strap design a couple of years back. There used to be a separate piece of webbing coming out of the upper portion (back side) of the packs -- and that was box-stitched to the shoulder straps. Recently they eliminated that, and now the straps are sewn directly to the pack itself.

Personally, the older style seemed a little more comfortable, and gave some flexibility over the shoulders. Not sure how your GR1 and GR2 are sewn, but that could be part of it.
I had the 34L but didn’t find it as good (for me) as the GR1 or the larger GR2. Too much extra weight and too many zippers for the minimal advantage of the increased volume.

By the way, I just took the 2 to Cuba twice in the last month; there’s no doubt it’s a great travel bag and it gets no notice from any authorities or passersby that I could see.

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