Kye4some's EDC

Nice upgrades on the M&P.

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Thanks Man,
Not upgrades on the old just a new one. It's the M&P Shield Performance Center. Ported barrel and slide with fiber-optic sights and a upgraded trigger. I really like/liked the Shields trigger but the upgraded PC trigger provided much tighter groups from the first clip it was too nice and easy to shoot.... so I gave it to my little brother. I do need one of those triggers at some point
If anyone is skeptical about this being an actual EDC, you must try the EDC nirvana called TAD Intercept PD jeans. Can’t say enough good things about what they offer and the Mill (White Oak Mill) that they use is going out of business after 110 years. So if you have $180 to burn and a good gun belt you could rock it out in relative comfort.
(Not shown is my IWB holster and Mag holder)

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