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Hank-by-Hank, Hinderer Investigator pen in copper, Pocket Tweez w brass Tritbead, PM2 w Linen Micarta scales from RGT, LensLight Micro w Delta wrap in copper w copper BeadBomb and Zippo 1941 replica in brass w forced patina.
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I love the Yeti 65 cooler, only problem is it’s like 600 pounds once full of ice and stuff. Hard to move around by yourself, I have looked at getting some wheels for it but the darn wheels are several hundro. Came across the Yeti bucket and found that it works great for throwing a few drinks in and is easy(er) to move around with.


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My sweet spot for summer, carry the ArmyTek in a small discrete belt holster w the carabiner, trit locator and Squirt PS4 on the nearest belt loop at 8 o’clock w the Squirt tucked into the back pocket that just leaves the knife and phone in the front pockets.


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A few years ago I showed the kids how to "tight-roll" their jeans. Should have seen the looks l got.
It's a lost art.

I don't do it aesthetically (and because I carry trauma gear on my ankles), but it works great. A lot of my pants are just long enough that I'll walk on them without shoes, so I tight-roll most of my pants when I'm at home.
That holster is a work of art...
It really is.

The way I dress, I can't get rid of that much bulk on my belt (except up front), but it seems super convenient and looks great.

@kye4som, how do you like that pocket looks like it stays in the pocket very well.


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@kye4som, how do you like that pocket looks like it stays in the pocket very well.[/QUOTE]

It’s a great hybrid holster, can appendix carry, IWB or pocket carry. It’s all kydex so an undershirt helps.