Machine Era limited edition


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Got this in the mail yesterday. So far my short experience shows I'm very happy with it. USA made and a fantastic price ($38!)

Couple details: accepts Pilot G2/Uni Signo refills, copper colored titanium silicon nitride PVD coating over 300 series stainless steel with a screw on cap that fits both ends.

It's pretty small when the cap is off but with it posted it feels great. There's no clip which kinda sucks but it's small enough to be totally pocket friendly. Writes fine for my pen standards (I dont know jack about pens)

The only issue I really have is that the back end of the pen has very little threading (albeit still works fine) and makes a pretty annoying squeak when screwing on and off. Itll probably go away after some use and it might just be the PVD coating on the threads.

Overall I think it's a wonderfully machined product that just so happens to have a sweet price point. Next will probably be a brass pen of some sort....

Oh...and ignore my dirty hands, Ive been helping my old man work on his Jeep lol

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Nice! I've been looking at the stuff on their website, and I might just have to pull the trigger on a high-end writing stick one day.

My 2008 vintage Rite-In-The-Rain pen has been my constant companion, and it's hard to let go.


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If it works it works. I wanted something refillable and spiffy since I do a fair share of writing at work and doodling at home and got tired of crappy ball point BIC sticks. I have since added the brass pen of theirs as well. I dont like polished brass so I took some fine sandpaper to it immediately and now letting it tarnish as I use it.

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