My edc pouch


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I'm not sure what the problem is. Every time I try to upload a picture I get an error message. The first few pictures I uploaded I had no problem.


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nice little pouch. i have a couple of those figure-9 carabiners on my go bag. they're nice and feel pretty heavy-duty.

looks like a decent kit, too.

Just host it on imgur.
that's what i started doing. i stopped using photobucket due to their new policies and aggravation in posting images on most forums and switched to imgur. images aren't down-sized, either, like they were on photobucket.


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Thanks. I got this one just to tryout,see how they hold up. I've been really impressed with it. Now the have several different sizes. From compact edc(smaller than mine) to Max edc (much bigger).
I believe I'm going to order two of each size they have and try them.