My knife life is out of control


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Said no man ever!
Hello all, I'm new to the group and it looks to be a fun and interesting place to be! I'm from low country backwoods south Carolina. If you live in the low country and i told you the town name, and you have driven through it, you would call it a speed trap!
I'm an EDC lover of all kinds. I dont own a single knife I dont use. No shelf queens here. I'm part of one other group here on tapatalk. The pout house. I love it over there! Amazing group in the pout house!
My spare time I like making fun videos for YouTube mostly about gear and family adventures and activities videos are different than others. And you can find me posting alot on my channel IG. If you are curious to know the channel and IG name just ask. I'm not here to push it tho.
I've made a few fixed blade knives. I mean like 6 or 7 and that about it. More to come soon hopefully.
Also I'm a very proud parent so I will brag on my kids here and there! They are young, 3 year old and 8 month old!

Anyway, hello! Haha

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Welcome to the Planet from the beautiful upstate of New York! Looking forward to the many knife pics to come!

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