Off-Road Vehicle Picture Thread

if i ever get to purchase my dream orv, it'll probably be either the full size bronco or the k5 blazer.

both of these are just too awesome, in my opinion.

1979 bronco

1985 cucv blazer
That's a very neat bronco and sharp looking Blazer. We will be working on a '78 Bronco right after we finished installing the new shocks, smittybilt bumper and some LED lights on the current Wrangler project. These Bronco's are tough and fun play with.
Rare, what year?
Mine is a 1961 model. It's kind of cool in that it shares some newer interior parts with the early CJ5's. Rubber padded brake and clutch pedals, t-handle parking brake, gauge cluster, seats, etc... Whereas my dad's 1953 CJ3B shares interior parts with the older CJ3A model. Separate gauges, older style brake handle, metal pedals, older style seats, etc...

It won't be completely original. It will have a 12v system instead of a 6v system, 31's, CJ5 style roll bar and nice big disk brakes among a few other small modifications here and there.

Here is Dad's 3B putting in some honest work.