Off-Road Vehicle Picture Thread


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I put a 2” lift kit on the Crosstrek along with some Method Rally rims and BFG all-terrain tires.
I keep thinking about something like that on my Forrester, but I just can't justify the expense on a CVT. If it's possible (and I decide it's wroth it) to swap to a manual transmission, something like that is probably going to happen.


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Here's an old pic of "Myrtle the Turtle," my 1994 Toyota 4Runner SR5. I've driven all over the country in this old girl, up until she developed a stuck valve in number 5 cylinder, but I found a place in DFW that can get her up and running again.


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I realized that all my Jeep pics are missing (among with all my other pics). Here's some of my rig "Rickety Cricket". I have a lot of fun with my mountain rig.