Pocket Dump 10-2018


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So it has been a while since i have been active on here, I wanted to share my current EDC.

- iPhone 8+ in generic case (still trying to find the case I want) (case shown in place of phone)
- Tactical Pen (not sure of brand, the wife gave to me in kit for Xmas)
- Brass 3 level AAA LED Flashlight. (Gift from a friend he got from Massdrop)
- Buckshot Tactical Folding Cleaver
- Para-cord Key-chain with Flint and Striker in clip (from same kit with the pen)
- AJT Designs Key Fob Cover
- Stainless Cable key ring
- Husky Folding Box Cutter
- Key Smart
- Small leather Wallet
- 30 feet of Duct Tape (in wallet)



EDC Master
Right now I'm only doing an- Eagle Creek slim slip wallet; min keys (2 keys, p38 and nitecore whistle); and a medium SAK like Spartan or Tinker....
i3cu flashlight will go in jacket pocket as it gets darker into Fall...
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