Post your IFAKs


EDC Master
How has the comfort been. I currently keep a swat t wide, quik lot, a bandage compress and gloves in my back pocket. I like the idea of relocating it to the ankle but have never worn an ankle rig
Once I repacked the tourniquet with the windlass to the side it became WAY more comfortable. So far I've worn it for the better part of two weeks and forgotten it's there until I go to take it off at night.


EDC Master
figured i'd post some pics of my ankle med kit. it's not fully completed. and a couple of the items are going to be changed for different versions.



just the items:

north american rescue c-a-t (1)
quickclot™ clotting gauze (2)
nitrile gloves (1 pair)
permanent marker (1)
chest seal (2)

the tourniquet will be replaced with either a RATS or a SOFT tourniquet
the chest seals will be replaced with the compact version that will fit better
i'm also going to add a mini compression bandage. i originally had a full-size compression bandage in the elastic band next to the tourniquet, but it was a bit too large.

when i'm wearing my jeans or my 5.11 pants, you can hardly tell i have it on.