Readyman EDC self defense tool


EDC Apprentice
Wasn't really sure where to post this but it technically is a self defense/ccw item. Anyways, I've had this quite a while and thought I'd share it a bit. I originally saw this on a Mike the cop youtube video funny enough. It's a pretty affordable $15 so I figured why not. Its water jet cut aluminum (does not specify which grade but I'll assume 6061 or cheaper variant)and is a combo of a knuckle ring, hammer fist weapon and a bottle opener. There is a hole for attachment to your keychain if you so desire. It has a stonewashed looking finish with pretty rough cut-outs. Not sharp or anything just unfinished. $15 what do you expect I guess. I've found it to be pretty durable considering just messing around with it on bricks and such surfaces. It is pretty small, comfortably fitting my medium sized hands. A larger hand might be more comfortable putting the ring over the middle finger instead. Bottle opener is functional nothing ground breaking there. If anything it's a fun little fidget tool to twirl the round your finger for a modest price. As a disclaimer, I live in Arizona so these kinds of things are fine to carry. Check your local laws!

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