Show Us Your Tactile/Fidget Items!!


EDC Master
I'm looking for a good cheap one - these guys recommend the Holisouse - does anyone have experience with this? Just looking to start a small collection with my son and not ready to spend $100+
I found one like that on the bay for £1.50 (around $1.80) but I ordered one with 2 weights on beerguest for $3.30 to use up a $3 coupon.

There's many cheap options around to try if such a toy is something for you but you could also look for the JOKR Fidget Spinner Knife if you like something different ;)
"Fidget spinners" are not for me, although I am the sort of person who tends to find something to do with his hands in idle moments.

I'm also savvy enough to have noticed that some people seem to get nervous if you start playing with your knife.

So, I got my own.

Two sets of planetary gears from an old cordless drill. It's not quite ready, because all the planetary gears and outer rings need something to hold them together. But it's pretty darn neat.