Show Us Your Tactile/Fidget Items!!


Purveyer of Yetis
I work from home, so most of my fidget devices are knives or handguns. I can do dry fire training while on calls, but have to put the phone on mute. I have been called out for the sound of a flipper knife opening and closing before. I bought a spinner from Amazon a while back when i got a promotion, but the little Tokens play with it more than I do.


EDC Scholar

It wasn't intended as a tactile item, but it works as one. I was playing one of those complicated fantasy card games, and noticed that I could do something better than the hit point counters that came with the game. I have a hard time throwing away scraps of steel, and eventually realized that I could use the scraps to make some custom markers.

It's not the best, and I wasn't expecting it to be. I learned what I needed to learn, so I'm going to leave the sides blank. The standard process for pattern welded steel is to polish, then etch, to bring out the swirl pattern. I'm going to let this patina on it's own, to see what happens. If I don't like it, I can always try some chemistry experiments.