Show Your Carabiners


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Here's mine. I like it simple. Switched to Nite-Ize a few months ago and have enjoyed. Thought about getting a small flashlight but having one on my phone may defeat the purpose. I can't stand unneeded weight.



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I need to try a hook like this. My key chain setup is my biggest weakness in my EDC.
Mine still needs some work. My car key is huge (Land Rover fob) which clips on to this, and I have a ton of keys for work on a keyring that clips on to this. I gotta say, Python clips changed my life, making my keys modular and secure allows for maximum flexibility.


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Of all the hundreds of carabiners i have, the DMM TRUCLIP is my favorite for sport climbing. Love DMM


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Hey guys I lost my leatherman caribeaner well the clip spring part of it . What's a good replacement that's similar in style

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Contact Leatherman. I had a similar problem with a kickstarter carabiner, and the maker sent me 6 extra wire gates. If Leatherman is worth their salt, they should at least replace the gate, and they have replaced minor parts for me, so I don't see why they wouldn't.