Star Wars and and Knife fans! Microtech Stormtrooper Set! Cheap!!


EDC Master
Hey all!
We are selling a matching Microtech Stormtrooper Ultratech and a matching birthdate (impossible for serial numbers and dates to both match due to different production levels) Siphon Pen, along with a Bronze Death Star lanyard bead that is nearly impossible to find.... All will be boxed in a clear top Pelican 1040 case with custom fit foam padding and a laser etched label. To make it even better? We are selling the whole set for $575! Go and find all of these items and add them up. If you can even find them..... All of them are Brand New In The Box! (And come with all packaging etc...)
Since we first posted a pic of them a month or so ago on Instagram and such, we have fielded a bunch of offers and requests. The only fair way to do it was to offer a lottery of sorts. A drawing where the winner gets them right to buy the set. At our below retail set price. What they do with them after is up to them.
To sweeten the pot, we are giving away a Kershaw Blur Blackwash Tanto or black Kershaw Dash to the runner up.... Free! And a brass or Titanium Olicheatman knuckle duster bottle opener to the second runner up.... Free!

So, pop over to our website and sign up to be drawn if you like.
But do make sure you are prepared to buy if your name is drawn. We have no way to enforce this obviously, but we hope our kindness and respect is enough gratitude to encourage doing the right thing. If that's too big of a purchase for you, and you are still interested in something cool and sharp... We have plenty of other nice toys to buy. And all at reasonable prices. We specialize in the hard to find as well, so if you have a special request, we are the people to ask.

Cheers! Check out ongoing GAW in the GAW subforum too. It's totally free!