Sturdy swivel suggestions for GearPull?


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Just got a Mokume GearPull and have a Copper on the way. Love my Ti GearPulls, but looking for a different configuration for the Mokume and Copper.

Does anyone have any suggestions for high quality swivels? I'm reluctant to use standard fishing swivels, because a lot of my keychain gear ain't cheap and I'd hate to lose something, because a fifty cent part failed. Anyone have any recommendations for something similar in quality to McGizmo or Python clips?

Also, anyone have GearPull configs they'd like to share? I'm still mulling over ideas and would love to see what others are doing.

Thanks in advance!


EDC Journeyman
I really like my Spro Heavy swivels. I use the number 5 size which work out at a couple of dollars each swivel. Yes they are fishing swivels but they are rated for strength far beyond anything you could need on a keychain. 380lbs would probably rip apart your gear before the swivel gave way.

Here's an older picture showing them on my keychain.

Those absolutely look like they could work. Thank you!

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