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I guess I'll start a thread since that's what all the cool kids are doing.
Got this in the mail today after waiting about a month for it. Thrunite T-10 torch. I call it a torch for two reasons.
1. This thing is incredibly bright for using only one AA battery.
2. All the people across the pond call their flashlights torches and I think that sound more bad ass.

I had one that crapped out on me about a month ago. I contacted the manufacturer and was offered a different penlight that used two AA batteries or the option to wait for them to have more of the T-10 torches made. I opted to wait since I love the size of this one.

The previous version had a clip that screwed on using two tiny allen screws. Several reviews said they had an issue with the screw holes being stripped out and the screws not being able to be attached. I knew this when I bought the first one and didn't mind. I planned on attaching it to my keychain anyway.

Worked great for about a year until the tail cap switch went out. I had another switch and tried that but still no luck.

The manufacturer asked that I send back the defective torch and they would get me a new one out once I emailed proof that I mailed back the defective torch. Received the new torch 3 days after I emailed proof that I dropped off the return. Other than having to wait a month for them to produce more of this model, I am very happy with the customer service from Thrunite.

So here's a few pictures of the new torch that I received in today's mail.

I suppose I will use this thread to show off some more of my gear. Stay tuned...

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Nice light. I'm anxious to pick your brain for HAM radio info.

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Pick away. I don't know everything but I'll try to help. The least I may be able to do is point you in the right direction if I don't have an answer.

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