Timex Expedition Field Chronograph


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Wanted to share the new watch I received for my birthday. I've wanted the "new" Timex Expedition Field Chronograph for awhile now, but they're hard to find. Most places that sell them are frequently out of stock, including Timex's own online store. Fortunately my wife was able to track one down and surprise me!

I've always been a fan of analog chronographs and the Field Chronograph fits the bill perfectly, without costing too much. I think the retail price is around $80, but you can find them advertised for less online. I think you'll be hard pressed to find a similar watch with the same price to value ratio.

- INDIGLO® Night-Light with Night-Mode
- Chronograph Measures to 1/20th Second
- Date Feature
- Genuine Leather Strap
- Mineral Glass Crystal

The brown leather strap is comfortable and good looking, but I'm considering swapping it out for a black or OD nylon strap. I'll post pics if I decide to pull the trigger on this change.

Let me know if you have any questions about the watch.



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Very nice Mike. I love the looks of it. As for the band I like the brown but the OD would look even better.


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I love mine. Got an incredible deal on it at a Wal-Farts in Myrtle Beach. I see them at Target and Sears from time to time. I always have to set the chrono hands when I see one because it drives me nuts.