Vendor Forum Advertising Information


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The EDC Planet community is full of talented craftsmen and hobbyists, who create some of the best EDC gear around. The Vendor Forum is a place where our members and major brands can advertise their products and services.

Vendor Forum advertisers will receive a dedicated forum where they can advertise their products, answer customer questions, host Q&A sessions, etc.

To help support sole proprietors and small businesses, we've kept our advertising rates affordable. We've divided our advertising rates into the two categories seen below.

Sole Proprietor Rate*
$10 per month

Commercial Rate
$25 per month

*The Sole Proprietor rate is reserved for participating EDCP forum members operating out of their home or small shop. This is not intended to include established businesses or brands. Please contact @EDCP-MIKE if you have any questions.

The Commercial Rate is for all other businesses and established brands.

You may purchase advertising by clicking on the rate title above. @EDCP-MIKE will follow up with you via e-mail or private message.