wallets...make and model only...


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I know this kind of wallet isn't popular amongst the minimalist EDC type, but I love it. Custom made by some guy in Russia, he does some killer stuff on Etsy....and I AM A BIKER sooooo....I kinda have to have this style, on a chain and all....


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spec-ops t.h.e. wallet

i've been thinking lately i want to get either a nice leather wallet or a the ridge wallet. but i just can't decide...


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I impulse bought a leather front pocket wallet the other day.

It lasted about 24 hours before it drove me crazy. The butterfly nylon wallet is flat out the best thing out there if you want something thin.

It, loaded with a middle aged dad amount of crap is thinner than just about every other wallet is empty.

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update...i retired the soe and the red oxx..bought a trayvax for everyone in the immediate family after about a month of carrying mine...i carry about 5 cards and if you fold them about 4 times its no problem to carry a grands worth of franklins...