Watcha Wearin? EDC Watch Pic thread...


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This one has not missed a day since I got it. I really really really like this one. It just speaks to me

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Have one myself, I like it a lot too . Reminds me of my first Casio watches in the 90s.

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I'm pretty sure I have one of the same model. I have mine one a modified (basically, cut so it would fit) nato strap and wear it occasionally. I still prefer analog watches for most days, but there's something awesome about those.


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Just got a new watch. And in true Saber fashion, I have modified it.
Stock photo is first.


Blacked out the name above the face
Blacked out the ring of city names around the face
Blacked out the arrows on the right (START and RESET)
All were blacked out with flat black model paint

Replaced rubber watch band with NATO band
White area above LIGHT label is glow in the dark tape so I know where the light button is in the dark (all my watches seem to have different locations for the LIGHT button.