What blade is your current edc blade

I like this knife. Rider, What is the hook thing on top of the blade for?

It’s for grabbing onto the edge of your pocket as you pull it out of your pocket,which deploys the blade. It was invented by Ernie Emerson, who is the founder of Emerson knifes. This knife ZT 0620cf was a collaboration between ZT and Emerson.

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Some of my favourite knives
Quite often I’ll spend a long time setting up like this just to get a few good shots
I believe the knives should be photographed more and shared
some of them really are works of art and should not be stuffed in s pelican case after there bought

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Dude, impressive collection. Your Microtechs are so pretty. I only have one Microtech currently, but am saving for another, I'm a big fan