What blade is your current edc blade

This came home with me. Apparently, I'm collecting electrician's knives, now.

Five dollars for a Camillus with a New York tang stamp? Sure.

A few more shots.

It's really difficult to get the glare off. And, I'm lazy.

It was actually in pretty good condition, with just a little bit of the "red death" rust starting on the blades. I gave them a scuff with 220 to get down to the patina, then 320 and 400 for the Delrin scales. I like the "used" look, and would not have wanted to return it to NIB, even if that were possible.

The detent on the flathead blade is tight. I understand why, and I'm fine with it. I'm just going to have to grow a tougher thumbnail.

I've been disaffected with modern locking folders for a while, now. My SAK electrician has simply been staying in my pocket during off days, and my fancy knives have all been sitting in their box. I've been looking at knives, and comparing knives, and nothing has caught my eye. I've been kind of drawn to these electrician's knives since finding my Alox so handy, so I'm going to pick up a few different examples as I come across them. I'll probably go back to modern folders sooner or later, but I suppose there are going to be some slipjoints mixed in there.