What do you use as your main keychain clip/hook? (McGizmo, carabiner, etc.)


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1willi4 said:
I just bought a grimloc from countycomm. I have it on the molle webbing on my Rush 24. While I'm at work I have my personal keys clipped to it. When I'm off work my work keys are clipped to it. No more, "honey, have you seen my keys?"
Wow! Just checked it out and I must say, that thing is extremely versatile! Can't wait to hear about it..


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I use a few devices daily ... both are fast and quite easy to manipulate.

• Nite/Ize® S-Biner™ #4 75lb (33kg)

• Zak® ZT55 Tactical Key Ring Holder

Your rig us about the size of mine! Lol belt loops are not near the front right anymore? So I use a clip :(