What kind of Axe do you have?

Got the M-tech on sale at Big 5 and keep it in the car. I just picked up this Hultafors classic trekking axe. I was looking at wetterlings and gransfors bruks but they are a little pricey, and settled on this instead. The axe head is made by Hults Bruk, the polished mirror edge makes it the sharpest axe ive handled. I'm not sure how it would compare to higher end axes but it'll do just fine for me. The weight comes in at 1lbs 11oz. for the Hultafors, and 12.5 ounces for the M-tech hatchet
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Since I posted last, I got a mini- foresters axe. This thing is cute! 8oz head weight. I worked the edge so it has a much better edge now. I use it around yard for small gardening chores, (Liming a shrub, or removing some scotch broom etc.) it's small enough to ride in my shorts cargo pocket and not be a bother.


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Is this model relatively new? Way smaller than a Wetterlings 178 Les Stroud or a GB small forest axe. I still want one of them, but I won’t use it enough to justify buying one (will buy more computer and geocaching stuff instead). ;)
Relatively I guess, I believe it came out in 2010. It's much smaller than a SFA, it's even a bit lighter than the GB Wildlife hatchet, about a 150 gram or so. Cutting edge is about 65mm.

But yeah, they're a bit too expensive to be just a wallhanger.
I had a few Wetterlings and GB's but I traded them off they are very nice and good quality I just like the vintage axes overall. I dabbled with picking some up and re-hafting them and cleaning them up then selling them, and picking up some more. I use to do the same thing with old Coleman lanterns and stoves but most folks these days like the newer stuff.