What light(s) do you have incoming?


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Got said Solarforce yesterday and am very upset with it. First off I ordered an L2T but got an L2M in the mail. Checked the invoice to be sure and it was suppose to be an L2T. Second none of my drop ins fit so im not a happy camper.

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Pak-Lite 4K showed up recently -- it's nice to have the warm white LED color, and it offers better color rendition, too. These things make great TEOTWAWKI lights, or are simply handy during a power outage, too. :D Plus, you can always scavenge old 9V cells from used smoke detector batteries.

This year's incoming (well, not incoming, but already arrived) lights, are a pair of Astrolux S41s (Quad Nichia 219B emitters, 7-mode), and an Armytek Elf C2 Micro-USB-Rechargeable headlamp, in cool white.

Surprisingly, I'm pleased with the cool white tint of the Elf. Generally, I shy away from cool white lights, but this one surprised me.

I also purchased the extender tubes for the S41s, so I could load them with 18650 batteries (as opposed to 18350).

As expected, the tint on the S41 is absolutely beautiful, as I expected, loaded with Nichia 219B emitters. Beautiful, floody output on those ones.

Got the Elf (also 18650-driven) on special through one of Andrew and Amanda's Daily Deals. Couldn't pass it up! Sorry I didn't buy two, while I was at it.