what pistol do you carry for personal defense


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I've gone run about 150 rounds of both cheap and decent quality ammo through the LCP and haven't experienced any malfunctions. Hollow points and FMJ both feed just fine. I keep a light coat of oil on her at all times, but not to the point it would stain my jeans or anything.


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Somehow I managed to post my reply as a seperate topic, Sorry Mike. Currently my daily carry pistol is a S&W 442 .38spl revolver, though while living in Florida I carried a fullsize XDm 9mm in a Galso FLETCH OWB holster when hiking. Right now I'm looking to buy a CZ 75D PCR compact 9mm, or if the price is right an XDm 3.8 Compact.

I prefer 9mm for the simple fact I can get practice ammo cheap and most high quality self-defense ammo is more than adequate for most anything I might have to defend myself against. I'm also a fan of the 10mm cartridge but until I start reloading I think a pistol or carbine in that caliber will have to wait.


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It all depends on what I'm doing.
Lately I've been lazy and only carrying my LCP which I've been in the process of "customizing or enhancing". So far I've added a stainless guide rod, 13 lb Wolff springs and a CT laser. Next on deck is increasing the mag capacity and sending out for sights. The plan was for it to be a BUG but lately it's been easier to just grab and go.
If I'm not working then, again lately, I carry a HK P2000sk LEM in .40 that I installed a HK45c mag release on. I usually carry it with a 12 round USPc mag and two reloads.
Some days I'll carry a series 1 Kimber, others a Kimber Tactical Ultra with Tripp Cobra mags.
If I'm working it'll either be a SIG 229 DHS or SAS in .40 with the DAK trigger system.


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1911 Colt Officer's Model 1911 in a Strong 'First Chance' holster or a Walther ppk/s (Original, not a Smith/Wesson remake) in a custom leather shoulder rig. Ammo is the same for both in their respective calibers, Winchester SXT's